We are always on the look out for brilliant people.

We want to work with the best people, for this reason, we are really selective when it comes to looking for a new team member.

In Kube Partners,
no two days are the same

We are passionate about challenging ourselves with hard problems. We want to ensure the perfect environment in our office, where everyone feels well prepared to deliver excellent results. We love to share ideas and to brainstorm and even if we don’t always agree with each other,

we are ready to listen and to respect what others have to say. We constantly challenge ourselves. But when the time comes to celebrate our milestones and successes, we are pretty good at throwing a good party and having fun!

Some of our Kuboids

Luigi, Software Developer

“One of the things that struck me most about Kube Partners is the distinctly informal and stimulating environment, able to make you feel immediately at ease and at the same time keep you busy with projects that are always interesting and never banal. Here, every member of the team plays an important role and has visibility on many projects, not just on individual phases. In Kube, you feel you are part of a real team.”

Lorena, Data Scientist

“Here in Kube Partners, I found an amazing working team. A multidisciplinary environment where people with different backgrounds work in perfect synergy. Every project is a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth. I am glad to improve my skills facing new exciting challenges every day.”

Greta, Junior Programmer

“For me, working in Kube Partners means being able to get involved in important projects so I can continue to increase my knowledge and skills. Not being just a simple link in the chain, but being able to express myself openly and discuss issues with the rest of the team.”

Simone, Senior Manager

“In Kube Partners no two days are the same! Every day there is a challenge, a surprise, an opportunity to learn something new. It’s impossible to get bored here.”

Kristian, Junior Programmer

“What I appreciate most about Kube Partners is how we all work together in an open and transparent way. I am still quite young and think I am in the ideal place to grow personally and to gain experience as a programmer.”

Elisabetta, Marketing Manager

“Joining the team at Kube Partners meant leaving behind the logic of the corporate world and becoming a member of a close-knit group. Everyone has an important contribution to make where the watchwords are flexibility and lateral thinking. I find it a stimulating and creative environment, where you learn to collaborate with your colleagues to achieve great results.”


Junior Software Developer

We are looking for a brilliant Junior Software Developer, who is passionate about complex problems and resolving them. If you think that this describes you then please read the full description and send us your application.

Data Scientist