Detector Claims

“One clue is a clue,
two clues are a coincidence,
but three clues provide proof.”

Hércule Poirot


Detector Claims is a comprehensive web-based solution that provides 360° claims detection.

Detection efficiency

Our customers have enjoyed a 400% improvement in the number of cases successfully investigated and a 300% improvement in fraud detection efficiency.


Platform developed by the leading claims outsourcing TPA in Italy and by seasoned claims’ experts.

Innovative alert rules

Evaluation of the risk of fraud in claims through independent indicators using different approaches, such as machine learning, relational analysis, and socio-economic analysis.

Efficiency of the operating model

Workflow to manage operations and processes.


Big data approach to manage high volumes of data in real-time.


Scoring Accuracy

Kube Partners recognises the expertise of seasoned decision-makers in detecting and examining insurance fraud. Claims handlers, supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, can enhance their fraud detection acumen to improve accuracy and efficiency in combatting fraud and ultimately reduce overall costs. Detector Claims includes hundreds of different criteria to establish how dangerous a claim can be. It can ingest external data to further deepen the analysis. The criteria used are organised into five groups:


Technical experience of claims handlers combined with historical data and external data feed


Multiple approaches to detect altered photos & docs


Geographical analysis of claims as well as counterparties


Identification of complex relationships between claims and counterparties to identify hidden connections and anomalies


Advanced and independent Machine Learning algorithms

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