We turn data
into information and
information into insight.

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We turn data into information and information into insight.

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Insurance fraud is detrimental.
Discover how to prevent it with the Detector System.

The Detector System significantly improves analytical capability, helps lower loss ratio and enables profitable portfolio growth.

Our customers have enjoyed a 400% improvement in the number of cases successfully investigated and a 300% improvement in fraud detection efficiency. With our fast implementation path, insurers can go live in as little as 4 to 6 weeks and the initial investment is fully repaid in just a few months with a 10X return on investment.

The Detector philosophy

Fighting fraud is
Kube Partners’ primary mission.

“It’s not just about a more profitable balance sheet. We strive to fight fraud because we believe that a more honest society is a healthier and happier one. We work for the greater good, and with our anti-fraud platform Detector, we will reinforce this fight at a global level.”

Andrea Guerra, Founder and CEO of Kube Partners

The Detector modules

Learn more about the different

modules that make up the Detector system.


Assesses the risk of fraud in claims through the use of independent indicators, using different approaches, such as machine learning, relational and socio-economic analysis.


Collects information regarding the level of risk of a potential policyholder, at the underwriting stage, therefore protect the quality of the company portfolio.


Accelerates the settlement process by identifying suspicious behaviours in claims for medical expenses reimbursement.

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Data points collected in 2021

KTE is a technological platform for the collection of complex public data over the internet, mostly used to aggregate massive sets of insurance premium quotations for competitive analysis and tariff optimisation.