Kube Partners was proud to be a part of the IT in Insurance conference event hosted by Gigacon on December 3 in Warsaw, Poland.

This one-day online event provided key players in the insurance sector with a series of timely IT-related presentations tackling the most pressing challenges currently facing the industry.

In addition to sponsoring the event, Kube Partners had the opportunity to present its successful KTE (Know Thy Enemy) platform for compiling complex market intelligence. Recent developments in automation, scalability and flexibility allow for more ambitious projects in the area of Business Intelligence services. KTE can aggregate massive sets of premium quotations for competitive analysis and tariff optimisation, allowing companies to see how they perform against their competitors and identify winning opportunities. This way, KTE helps insurance companies tackle the vital issue of how to stay competitive in a constantly evolving market, while keeping risk at acceptable levels.

In a presentation to over 100 industry representatives, Chief Data Scientist Tommaso Terragni, PhD, covered both the challenges faced by the industry and the solutions proposed by Kube Partners.

Considering the growing competitive pressure in the market and the current Covid-related difficulties, Kube Partners is confident that the company’s innovative product proposition will earn the interest of an increasing number of insurers over the coming months.