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Our engagements always start with an idea on how things could be done better … and how technology can help.


Years of experience of the Financial Industry, passion for technology and design, curiosity about the latest scientific developments and drive to find new ways to do things, means we are well positioned to provide our clients with innovative solutions. Solutions that are simple but not obvious.


Building from the ground up what we have developed together with our clients gives us great pleasure. Java, Ruby, MS.Net are just some of the powerful technologies available. We consider ourselves lucky to live in an age where there is such an abundance of opportunity to be creative - so we’ll never get bored.


We are passionate about what we build and we invest considerable time in thinking so that what we produce is perfect. But that’s not enough: we want to build it fast. We hate lengthy and expensive projects that drain our client’s attention and resources: so we don’t waste anyone’s time and get quickly to the point.


Technology is not just about building computer programs (to be honest that is probably the easiest part), it’s about running the technology day in day out without any glitches that is the hard part. Needless to say, we love the challenge.


We have been there and done the job.

Andrea guerra

Loves the combination of business strategy, the latest technology, consumer psychology and a lot of stuff like that which, at first glance, doesn't seem to go together. Has spent 12 intense years with Accenture in Milan and London before founding Kube Partners.


Moved from London to Milan in the early 1990s. Almost 30 years' experience in Italian Financial Services from launching start-ups and sourcing distribution networks for Visa, Aegon, Nationwide Global, Assurant as well as reorganising the Swiss Re Life &Health business in Milan (formerly Mercantile & General Re). Orla is also on the board of Homeserve Italia and Standard Ethics.


After many years in the Financial Service practice of Accenture, Maurizio has acquired a deep understanding of how this industry works and how it could work better. He has hands-on experience in designing, planning and delivering sophisticated IT solutions.


Director of the Nordic Office. Ivar is an economist with a background in strategic management with more than 25 years of experience in Danish and international insurance and reinsurance business. He has led teams both nationally and internationally within major global groups including Winterthur (now Partner Re), Nordea, Tryg Vesta (Tryg Baltica international), Assurant, ERV and Ryan Specialty Group.


A total of 28 years in IBM and Xerox, with a broad, diversified experience spanning general and sales management, market development and projects in areas such as Leasing, Financing, IT products and solutions. He has managed businesses and led teams both at national and international level.


A true customer service advocate and retention specialist from New Zealand, he thrives on challenge and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Peter brings to Kube more than 25 years' experience gained in the banking, telecommunications and life insurance industries. He is a passionate leader of change who definitely doesn't subscribe to the old adage "because that's the way we've always done it".


Born in Savona, based in Milan. After 12 years in the Recruitment Department of Accenture, moved into HR consulting specialising in performance evaluation in complex multinational organisations. Particularly interested in reconciling the social and human aspects in the context of new technologies used to support business, communication and inter-personal relationships.


Initially worked on neural network algorithms for microcontrollers in ST Microelectronics and subsequently on firmware for Digital TV devices. Paolo is passionate about technology and has held the position of CTO in different software houses, having spent more than 20 years heading projects in consumer, financial and mobile banking sectors.


Based in the UK, his specialities are the result of a good background in strategic insurance account management gained during 25 years in RSA. He enjoys affinity marketing and has done extensive work on motor fleet portfolios including pricing, risk management and proposition design. His expertise is mainly focused on the London market but not exclusively.

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AliasLab / C-Consulting / Insurance Business Apps / Intellinx / MSA Multi Serass


In 2016 we were selected for funding in the joint MIUR-Fondazione CRUI-Confindustria programme "PhD-ITalents".

Who we are

We are a learning organization committed to excellence, putting together brilliant people to work on state-of-the-art technologies.

The project

The project we submitted is focussed on the development of Intelligent Business Intelligence mainly for the Insurance and Banking industry.



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