Kube Partners, a multinational software company that improves the financial performance of their clients using data analytics platforms, is pleased to announce a partnership with Sapiens International Corporation, a leading global provider of software solutions for the insurance industry. As a result of the partnership, new synergies will be developed to help insurers improve their combined ratio.

Thanks to its proprietary platforms, Detector and Know Thy Enemy (KTE), Kube Partners helps customers reduce losses incurred in managing fraudulent claims, introduce lower-cost claims settlement automation, increase profitability by improving conversion and retention rates and ultimately improve portfolio quality.

Detector is one of the most advanced Insurance Antifraud Platforms, offering end-to-end support to companies in combating fraud at the underwriting (Detector U/W) and claims settlement (Detector Claims) stages. The Underwriting module assesses in real time a potential client’s propensity to commit fraud and the associated extra risk involved. The Claims module highlights why a claim should be investigated further rather than settled directly.

The KTE platform provides insurers with vital market data. This service allows companies to understand their competitors’ price movements and act accordingly, optimising their pricing strategy for each prospect and customer in real-time, thus maximising their market footprint.

“We are delighted to have entered this partnership with Sapiens,” said Andrea Guerra, Managing Director, Kube Partners. “The industry faces significant challenges and technological transformation that require substantial synergies with leading software suppliers to offer integrated solutions and robust process automation. We look forward to partnering with Sapiens to support the industry in addressing these challenges.”

Sapiens International Corporation empowers the financial sector, with a focus on insurance, to transform and become digital, innovative, and agile. With more than 40 years of industry expertise, Sapiens’ cloud-based SaaS insurance platform offers pre-integrated, low-code capabilities across core, data and digital domains to accelerate customers’ digital transformation.

“We are thrilled to announce that we have added Kube Partners to our insurance software vendor partners,” said Amanda Ingram, Propositions & Ecosystem Manager, Sapiens. “Their expertise in digital transformation and cybersecurity services makes them a valuable addition to our ecosystem. Our partnership with Kube Partners will help us provide even more robust and innovative solutions to our clients. We look forward to working closely with Kube Partners and exploring new opportunities for collaboration and growth in the future.”

About Kube Partners

Kube Partners is a multinational software company that helps clients acquire and use critical data analytics, offering innovative antifraud solutions and vital business insights in the Insurance and Banking sectors. Operative since 2007, Kube Partners provides its clients with cutting-edge integrated SaaS platforms to improve their financial performance. These platforms are scalable and configurable based on the company’s needs. For more information, visit https://www.kubepartners.com/en/ or follow us on LinkedIn.

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