The founders and employees of Kube Partners are always keen to share their enthusiasm for technology, ideas and “the bigger picture”. In this spirit, the company was delighted to take part in a recent online event for philosophy students at the University of Milan.

Held on 9 December 2020 and entitled “Which professions for philosophy”, the webinar explored possible career opportunities for philosophy graduates. Kube Partners was represented at the event by CEO and Founder Andrea Guerra along with recent recruit Cecilia Deluca, who joined the company as a Data Analyst after graduating from the same faculty in April 2020.

In his speech, Guerra highlighted how technology impacts everyday life and how this raises philosophical questions, the answers to which cannot be sought within a purely technical frame of reference. For example, in a world where virtual reality exists, what do we mean by reality? And how can we reconcile the right to free speech with the growing problem of fake news?

Deluca, on the other hand, drew on her own experience at Kube Partners to illustrate how data analysts face philosophical problems in their day-to-day work.

Between them, these two perspectives provided the audience with a sense of how philosophy is related to information technology in ways that are both deeply rooted and potentially very fruitful.

A video of the event can be found at the following link: