Kube Partners co-founders Andrea Guerra and Maurizio Bovio, along with Director of Growth Agni Zygner, were recently invited to take part in the 15th Guidewire Connections conference in Washington D.C.

Here, the new partnership between Kube Partners and Guidewire was officially announced to a 2,300-strong audience of customers, partners and staff.

Over the course of three stimulating days, the Kube team were informed and entertained by a series of keynote presentations from industry figures and guest speakers.

Free-climber Alex Honnold – star of the recent documentary Free Solo – spoke about his unique ascent of the El Capitan rock face and about making peace with the risk of dying.

Guidewire CEO Mike Rosenbaum shared his experience in the US Navy on the nuclear submarine US Nevada, and the mantra he learned there was: “Ship – Shipmate – Self”. In other words, the good of the ship comes first, followed by the good of one’s companions, and finally one’s own interests – a philosophy that resonated strongly with Kube’s own vision of good teamwork.

Finally, bestselling author and thought leader Steven Van Belleghem talked about investing in the customer experience in the age of AI. His advice was: “Don’t be blinded by the latest technology and lose sight of your main concern: the guiding star of the customer.”
Our executives returned filled with energy to invest in working hard to achieve and exceed the company’s objectives for the coming year, one of which is to return to Guidewire Connections in 2020, this time as a Sponsor.